Resurface Industrial Floors | TKO Concrete Nashville

I just received a call from a contractor who services a national companies flooring needs throughtout a large portion of the USA.
This contractor told me that no matter what they did to repair these forty and fifty year old factory floors the repairs kept popping up.
I told the contractor that we could patch and resurface those floors with cementitious urethane and correct their problem.

Their are many instances in which concrete and epoxy are not strong enough to fix ultra heavy duty performance floorings. If you have forklifts, towmotrs, pallet jacks beating your floors up 24/7 you need a highly durable flooring surface for heavy traffic and aggressive use.

TKo Concrete specilizes in heavy duty flooring that requires durability. The floors we install combine the most demanding performance characterisitcs including resistance to impact, abrasion, aggressive chemicals, and thermal shock.

If you need absolute reliability for your floors give us a call today at 615-414-3727.