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Epoxy flooring products will allow you to maintain an aesthetically pleasing floor while proving to be much more cost effective than other floor products including tiles, vinyl, floor paint and carpet. Installing carpet is often more expensive than an epoxy floor and only lasts about three to five years before it has to be replaced again.

TKO Concrete specializes in floor coating systems for a wide range of industrial floor requirements from food processing to heavy manufacturing. We have experience in transportation, pharmaceutical and heavy manufacturing as well. Common applications include Automotive Showrooms, Chemical Processing, Food Processing, Educational Facilities, Warehouses, Manufacturing, Secondary Containment and Air craft Hangars.

Epoxy coating systems are excellent for restaurant retail areas. In commercial kitchens, breweries, processing plants or areas where ultra heavy duty performance floors are needed. We recommend urethane mortar flooring systems. Urethane mortar is ideally suited for industrial, institutional and commercial uses.

Urethane mortar is for areas where both cleanilessness and durability are crucial. TKO Concrete’s flooring systems deliver absolute reliability.

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